my temple


my calm.... my space..... my temple....

West-Southwest is a surfing short film shot on the morning of 2/8/2015 at Rincon Point in Santa Barbara California. Surfers Yadin Nicol, Dane Reynolds, Lakey Peterson, Adam Lambert and the locals.


byron lee

West Los Angeles, CA, USA

I'm Byron Lee and I am a multicultural designer that loves to create and bring ideas to life. I earned my BA in Industrial Design from Purdue University in Indiana. Having lived and worked in Taipei, Indiana, Vienna and Los Angeles, I have made many friends who have taught and broadened my knowledge and experiences. I love the outdoors and I love being outdoors... I was the kid that took everything apart, preferred the beach over buying toys, knew nothing about cartoons or TV shows because I was always playing outside. My surroundings and my curiosity is where I get my inspirations and my creativeness. Today, I spend my free time surfing, scuba diving, swimming, hiking, camping, climbing, mountain biking, skating, making ceramics, and brewing coffee.