Gaming is one of the largest industries in the world, not to mention the gaming accessories market. Thrustmaster  is one of the leaders in the gaming accessories market. They  are known for their high precision gaming devices, such as racing wheels and joysticks.  Thriving to expand their accessories line, we were tasked to design and develop a line of headsets for Xbox, and PlayStation, ranging from an entry version, to a mid and an high-end version.  As the lead designers on this project, I  created the conceptual design that defined the configuration of the design, and worked with the team on refining and finalizing details of the design and CMF.





Design Phase 1 3D Sketch and Concept Exploration

No limits, no constraints, just design with gaming in mind


Concept 1 - Sharp, Edgy, Futuristic


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Concept 2 - Round, Fluid, Digital


Concept 3 - Minimal, Secure, Geometric



Design Phase 2 Refinement

Concept 2,  was the selected from the first round of 3D sketch and ideation.  This concept is the best fit for the persona, with a good blend between Thrustmasters brand identity and the pro-gamer styling.  For the Phase 2 of concept refinement,  we not only refined the concepts, but created two different identity around the same design. We kept the same design elements but created a hot and cold version, Concept A as the hot, and Concept B as the cold.


Concept A -  the hot version with  techie and pro-gamer styling. It has more refined details such as polished trims and digital perf patterns.


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Concept B -  the cold version with a more sophisticated and minimal design styling, using colors, materials,  and finishes as the defining element.



Design Phase 3 Finalization

Three levels of headsetsentry, mid, and high- were created for both the PlayStation and the Xbox. We used color, material, and finishes to differentiate between the two consoles as well as all  three versions. 

Entry-level, being the most basic version it  has no bluetooth connectivity, it is all plastic,  and is corded with a built-in inline controller. 

Mid-range, detachable cord with built-in bluetooth connectivity. Use the headset wirelessly and connect to the cord when battery runs low.

High-end,  detachable cord with built-in bluetooth connectivity. Separate decoder for more adjustability. 



PlayStation Headsets

Using color, material, and finishes to differentiate between the three versions. 


Xbox Headsets

Using color, material, and finishes to differentiate between the three versions.